June Editorial

Marriage Equality

There are only six states that have legalized same-sex marriage. Eleven approve of domestic partnership and civil unions. Maryland and Washington’s legalization will be effective as soon as next year. However, 31 states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Most recently, North Carolina banned same sex marriage as well as any kind of homosexual relationship (aka civil unions and domestic partnerships).

This makes a HUGE impact on everything gay/lesbian couples do such as raising kids, retiring, filing joint taxes, emigrating from another country, buying and owning a house together, etc. This is discrimination to the highest degree, and it is being allowed by the government!

There was a similar problem before the sixties when people of different races were banned from marrying each other using the same pretenses for discrimination against gays and lesbians today. The Loving vs. Virginia U.S Supreme Court Case of 1967 overturned laws prohibiting interracial marriage. The same should be done for same-sex marriage on a federal level. Today if religious belief is the reason why gay marriage is being banned, then the establishment clause of the constitution is being violated. Therefore banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and should be allowed in all fifty states.

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February Editorial

Deaf and hard of hearing people are denied the chance to serve their country in the military because they are considered to be what’s called an H-4. This means that the person is too different to accommodate into the existing military lifestyle. However that’s not true for deaf people today. The military has many different kinds of technology that don’t require the need to hear or even speak with people verbally.

Keith Nolan, a deaf teacher in Woodland, California, has traveled around the country giving speeches about his dream to be in the Army and how it was denied numerous times. Keith Nolan was allowed to observe the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Core) at CSUN. He got up at 5:00 every morning to attend the training exercises even though he didn’t have to. Now that’s dedication! Not many people would be willing to wake up early just to exert so much energy before the sun even rises.

In Israel, the deaf and hard of hearing are to soldiers. They even provide sign language courses to those who would be around hearing impaired soldiers. It’s said deaf people even served in the SS back in World War II. If other places are willing to “accommodate” for these H-4’s, then why can’t the U.S? At least the deaf could be offered non-combative positions.

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