December 2012 Puzzle

By Morgan Rinehart & Brandon Macisco

December puzzle.JPG

June 2012 Puzzle

by Kayla Valuriya

June puzzle.png


2. Where does Kony live?
7. Who is the teacher who taught about Kony?
8. What book recently became a movie?
9. Where was Riverwood Poetry Series?
11. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976?
12. Who won the Governor's Scholarship?
13. How many states have legalized same sex marriage?
14. What new language will be taught to ASD students next year?
15. Where is the ASD Hall of Fame?


1. Who coached boys' basketball?
3. How many ASD students are in the French Exchange program?
4. Who is the adviser for Close Up?
5. What is the name of the school where ASD students go to visit their penpals?
6. Where was Close Up?
10. Where did Lisa Ruderman Hawkins work at ASD?

A prize will be awarded to the first person who returns the completed puzzle to Anna Andrews.