by Ana Mercedes Aleman

On October 24, 2012, 92 students and staff went to the play Newsies at Netherlander Theater in New York City. It started at 2 pm. Jeff Calhoun was the director. The author was Harvey Fierstein. The music was by Alan Menken. Corey Cott was the star.

They were looking so great! Kathy Lindsay played the role of Katherine. She believed everything that she supported the newsies boys to make a plan to strike. She showed her true emotion. They were trying to gesture. Corey Cott was impressive with dancing and singing. Kathy Lindsay really looked good with her dresses and make up. Ben Frankhauster had the role of Davey. Nicholas Lampas was a young boy. He was really looking up to Corey Cott. LaVon Fisher Wilson was a wonderful woman. She had impressive advice for Corey Cott. Katherine’s father was named Ron Raines. He played Joseph Pulitzer the boss. He was impressive as a good actor and had good facial expressions.

The action of the play went smoothly. It had changes of scene that made sense because it was much like the movie. It was on the stage and musicals and created new music by the director using the moving sets to create the scenes. The newsies already knew where they would move on the stage because the director told them what to do. They followed the music and what the music said.

They established the correct background, light and costumes for the Newsies play. There was really loud music but the newsies were looking so great when they were dancing because it was WONDERFUL! The three level steel platform with stairs going up and down was interesting. The three columns moved forward, backward and around together. They sang, danced, and ran up and down as the platform moved around the stage. The newspaper
boys were going to get their newspapers by the left office. The boss had a fancy office on the right side. The light mood was more serious and the bright light mood was very happy. The costumes were similar to old fashioned style.

The audience was very attentive. The audience responded at the proper times with the proper emotions. The interpreters were so great. GOOD JOB! There were good actors who were in the Newsies play. I felt bad for the children who sold the newspapers because they were too young to work every morning. The strike was not easy until the problem was resolved. I loved the Newsies play!

Newsies poster.JPG Newsies poster.JPG